Test your skills in our monthly tournaments and keep an eye on our leaderboard to see who is primed to win an assortment of prizes.  We change our prizes each month along with the way in which you can win! Play classic golf games like closest to the pin and longest drive or mix it up with other Trackman Games.
Closest to the pin is just what it sounds like. We will feature a challenging par 3 on Trackman’s ever-expanding list of courses and hit the best shot possible. Multiple aces will result in a sudden death playoff. Ball strikers are welcome.
Bullseye is a point-scoring game with a unique atmosphere. You will be hitting objects from atop skyscrapers and helipads. You don’t have to be a golf pro to win this game but you may need a little luck.
Seriously, hit the ball! Hit it really far though. If you have ever wanted to take part in a long drive competition this will be the tournament for you. Expect to see some serious bombs on the leaderboard. Hopefully you’ve been taking in your daily 4 eggs, 5 pieces of bacon and protein shakes if you want to win this tournament.
Fancy yourself a good golfer? Our stroke play tournaments will offer the greatest prizes but they will also demand the greatest shots. We will pick the course and it’s up to you to do the rest. Get the lowest score possible and take as many attempts as you would like. This leaderboard is going looooooooow.